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How Denis Knjazihhin Discriminated Against Me

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Dear Readers:

I have Excellent Credit Score and no Criminal Record. I own an IT Consulting Business focused on Computer Programming, Multimedia Production and Web Development.

discrimination : noun

Treating one group of people differently from another

Source: Merriam-Webster Dictionary

In September 2018, I discovered Realtor Tatjana Knjazihhina's advertisement (PDF) for an Office Space in Billerica, MA. Mrs. Knjazihhina's son Denis Knjazihhin (Longrun Management LLC) owned the property. We signed an Office Space Lease Agreement.

574 Boston Rd, Billerica MA 01821

My Office Space Unit (2 rooms) was originally part of a larger 4-room Unit that was split in two and rented out individually. Denis Knjazihhin also owns two additional units across the hall. In total, he rents out 4 Office Space Units to individual tenants.

In September 2018, I moved my Small Business into Landlord Denis Knjazihhin's Office Space. Almost immediately Mr. Knjazihhin became hostile towards me. For some reason the A/C and Heating System was not working. Every two weeks, for the next 5 months, Denis Knjazihhin's Technicians constantly disrupted my business. But after 20 weeks, they still have not repaired the system! It was a total waste of time.

In April 2019, Denis Knjazihhin finally rented out the Office next to mine (vacant for 7+ months). The A/C and Heating System is shared by our two Offices. Suddenly, Denis Knjazihhin was bending over backwards to please the new Tenants. His Technicians installed a brand-new A/C and Heating System just a few days before the Tenants moved in! I have information that in 2020 these Tenants would not pay him rent for many months due to Eviction Moratorium. As a result, Denis Knjazihhin lost thousands of dollars.

For ~28 months, Denis Knjazihhin and I had an amicable business relationship. I obeyed the Lease Contract Terms and always paid the rent on time. Whenever I sent an email to the Landlord Denis Knjazihhin, he would promptly respond back. In January 13, 2021, Denis Knjazihhin offered to expand my office space with two additional rooms:

01/13/2021 Email from Denis Knjazihhin

I responded that I am fine with my current arrangement.

But then something happened...

In February 2021 (7 months before my Lease ends) I asked Landlord Denis Knjazihhin to extend my Lease to Year #4. I reminded him that I paid all of my rent obligations ($16,000+) without any missing or late payments.

But Landlord Denis Knjazihhin demanded that I pay 45% higher rent based on Fake Reason.

02/20/2021 Email from Denis Knjazihhin

I wrote that the outrageous rent increase does not correspond with the current Rental Market. During 2020, the COVID Virus Pandemic forced many Small Businesses to close and employees to work from home. The Commercial Rental Market has crumpled and I provided proof of nearby Commercial Rental Properties. But Denis Knjazihhin did not respond.

In 2020, President Trump ordered Federal Eviction Moratorium on all Renters. I have information that Denis Knjazihhin's tenants did not pay him rent and he lost thousands of dollars in profits. They all moved out just a few weeks before Joe Biden lifted the Federal Eviction Moratorium.

I reminded Denis Knjazihhin that I obeyed all of his Lease Contract obligations. I already paid him ~$18,000 in rent. I also could have done the same as his other tenants (not pay rent and save $6,000+). But I felt it was immoral. This is how Denis Knjazihhin has shown appreciation for my honesty.

Two months later, I analyzed my life and decided that moving would disrupt my future plans. I sent an email to Landlord Denis Knjazihhin agreeing to his extreme 45% rent increase. But Denis Knjazihhin never responded.

I asked Mr. Knjazihhin to "name his price" to extend my Lease, but again he was completely silent. Meanwhile, Denis Knjazihhin rented 3 next-door units (nearly identical in size) for $600/month (Source: CraigsList Listings).

For 119 days, Denis Knjazihhin was completely silent. He did not respond to my multiple calls, emails and text messages. In 30 years in America, my Family never met such hostile and unprofessional Landlord. I was forced to publicize Denis Knjazihhin's actions on this website.

8/26/2021 (32 days prior to Lease expiration): Denis Knjazihhin finally reappeared. He sent me "Notice to Vacate" forcing me to leave the property before 9/29/2021. But he violated the Massachusetts Tenant Laws by not serving me the required "Notice to Quit."

9/16/2021: I wrote to Denis Knjazihhin that I was unable to find another Office Space due to COVID illness. I informed him that I planned to invoke the "Holdover" Clause of the Lease for the October month. Denis Knjazihhin responded that our Lease does not contain the "Holdover" Clause. I sent him a copy of our Lease as proof. He never wrote back.

9/23/2021: I served Denis Knjazihhin with my "Holdover" Notice (7 pages) and paid the October rent ($800). First page of this Notice is attached below:

Notice of Tenant's Holdover (9/23/2021)

9/26/2021: Denis Knjazihhin sent me an email forcing me (without prior Court Order) to vacate the property in 3 days. He slandered me to the Building Management Company by telling them that I am a trespasser who must be banned from the building! Conveniently, he concealed to them my "Holdover" Notice with $800 October Rent Payment.

09/26/2021 Email from Denis Knjazihhin

9/28/2021: I received "Notice to Quit" from Landlord's Attorney Carl W. Lindley Jr. The Attorney agreed that I have the legal right to remain in the Office until 10/31/2021.

09/28/2021 Notice to Quit from Attorney Carl W. Lindley Jr

10/5/2021: I sent an offer to Landlord's Attorney Carl W. Lindley Jr. that I would sign a "Non-Disclosure / Confidentiality Agreement" to permanently remove this Website & Videos and never speak about my interactions with his Client (Denis Knjazihhin) under one condition: The Landlord renews the Lease for 1-year at the rate he proposed in February 2021 ($800/month All Utilities Included). The Attorney never responded.

10/31/2021: To obey Landlord's Attorney Carl W. Lindley Jr's "Notice to Quit", I vacated the property.

I am still shocked by the sudden change in Denis Knjazihhin's behavior. Perhaps someone advised him to act this way?

Side note: Always be very careful with Attorney Carl W. Lindley Jr. In 2014 we signed a 7-month Apartment Lease with an Airbnb Landlord. For some reason, two weeks after we moved in, the Airbnb Landlord and his Senior Mother decided to force us out (without any reason). Attorney Carl W. Lindley Jr's Business Partner Attorney Lawrence J. Farber filed a fraudulent Eviction Case against us with Fake Documents. He did not serve us the "Notice to Quit" required by Massachusetts Tenant Laws. Later, Attorney Carl W. Lindley Jr. compiled a fraudulent "Settlement Agreement" with us that contained $2,400 "Secret Bonus" for his Client (Airbnb Landlord). In the end, the Judge allowed us to stay at the property for 7 months total (what we originally agreed in our Airbnb Lease). We also paid the Airbnb Landlord about same amount in total rent. Why did they have to drag us through multiple Court Hearings to obtain the same result? We may never know.


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